5 Way To Deal With Being Evicted

Is the Court system prejudicial towards victims?

… Or do some companies just abuse their dominant position in targeting the vulnerable?

Repossessing and evicting tenants is sometimes necessary …

But the grounds to overcome it can apply so much pressure it can cause people to feel helpless.

It’s reminiscent of an old episode of the Channel 5 documentary show ‘Can’t pay? we’ll take it away’.

We, the viewers, watched on as a family were evicted.

But what of the emotions do the viewers feel watching that?
  • Sadness
  • Anger
  • Frustrated
  • Lost
  • Hot-headed
  • nervous
  • Anxious
  • Uncertainty
  • Trapped
What about you? How would you feel watching a family being evicted?

How would you feel in their situation?

Perhaps you have been, or perhaps you currently are.

Maybe you know someone going through a challenging time.

If you are in debt and fear eviction, then it is worthwhile bearing in mind that there is help out there.

Here’s my 5 tips:

1) Speak to your Letting Agent/Landlord/Lender

Firstly, ensure that the dispute you have is paid into a separate deposit box, such as that of the Tenant Deposit Scheme and that your letting agent is registered.

Without this you will struggle to resolve these issues as they arise.

Here’s a couple of useful sites:



2) Seek FREE help

There are some free services out there that can offer you help and advice.

They can assist you, and give you guidance on what to do if you’re facing eviction or repossession from your property.

3) Make alternative arrangements

Speaking to friends/family.

It may feel demoralising and embarrassing but remember that we all go through good times and bad times in our lives.

They may know someone that you don’t. E.g. some sort of community help and assistance that they can put you in touch with.

Speak to them and they may just put you in touch with the right person. If not, they could offer you some much needed moral and emotional support.

4) Speak to your local Housing Advisor or Council

They will assess your circumstances and assist you as and where necessary.

Complain if you can, or get someone as in Point 1 to draft a complaint on your behalf.

5) What if I have tried all of the above, and I’m not getting anywhere?

Bursting at the seams are charities such as Shelter.

They will, where possible, promote better care for you and your loved ones. They’re there to help, so speak to them.

You may be asking yourself –
Why is this happening to me?

Why are the figures so high in terms of those that this is affecting?

Properties are in high demand, especially in highly concentrated areas, with lots of good amenities around, such as good schools and well-structured transport links.

This is driving rental prices up.

Generally, wages are still stagnant as businesses struggle to cope with some austerity measures in place by taxes, as set out by the government.

So, are landlords getting greedy in both a commercial and/or residential sense?

No, they are being dictated by local market forces and do not wish to be outdone.

So, they are setting rents on advice by the local letting agents.

If you are feeling stressed because of personal debts, there are numerous charities out there, such as Payplan, that can help you tackle your debt.

If you need business debt help, then please do not hesitate to contact me directly for more advice.

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