The Sick Man Of Europe

Vince Cable, the current Liberal Democrat leader in the UK, described that there is chaos on the political landscape as the two groups continue to cause a conundrum of squabbling internally across the Tories.

The EU want the UK to get out as soon as possible, but it’s by no means an easy task and something which May’s government are painstakingly clearing down step by step as we move towards exiting out of Europe.

Economically however this is proving disastrous due to uncertainty of how the UK as a nation is going to fare. The Pound weak against the Euro and the Dollar is turning into a nightmare for the majority of us.

On the one hand, unemployment may be low, but on the other hand productivity and the weak pound is not faring is well. Coupled with this is the fact that we are about to enter a period of high uncertainty.

But what does that mean for the UK as a whole. Here are warning signs that if you do not concede to heed then it could result in paying the price in higher taxes and little reliefs.

Before you turn to your Accountant, you first need to start embracing that you do need money in your bank account from those who owe you the money.

Stricter controls are what that is needed in ensuring that your own business continues to flourish in these tough economic times.

The following report from the OECD shows how Italy is going to outgrow the UK in terms of growth over the coming 12 months and that without having stricter controls in place, you run the risk of letting your guard down.

Over the next few blogs we concentrate on how using M.I information is like the MI5 for your business and that by having the correct intelligence in place, you are best placed to be prepared for issues that may arise into the future.