Through The Looking Glass: When Debt Breeds Fear

Sitting in between my Clients; ‘Mrs’ on the left and ‘Mr’ on the right.

Whilst talking, every so often ‘Mr’ would look over his shoulder, past the Mercedes on his driveway and out into the street.

The same pattern would continue throughout through the meeting.

Eventually I couldn’t help but agitatedly ask –

“Why do you keep on doing that?”

It turns out, it was all off the back of the advice I had given him days earlier.

Here was a husband and wife team, with a substantive amount of business debts that had built up.

If they were a limited company, then it would have been easy to liquidate the company and call it a day…

… but as they were in a partnership, they themselves were personally liable for their debt problems and circumstances.

You can imagine my heart wrenching guilt at having asked that question.

I had been there once before, and I was fully aware of the pain and suffering that had gone on beforehand.

So, I instantly knew, like an anvil in your stomach of trying to help these individuals.

Curtains drawn throughout the day, and the look of fear creeping in.

It can affect us all.

Falling into debt with no security is an issue that can affect us all.

Having personally been on both sides of the fence – working for major creditors, as well as being in large amounts of debt …

… means that I can now assist people in getting out of the difficulties they face.

  • Stress,
  • Emotional strain
  • Sleepless nights
  • Clammy hands
  • The blinking effect when you look at your bank account
  • You think “how am I going to pay my bills”
These are all the distressed signs that set in.
…they be avoided, but only if you take action.

Are you an Accountant or a Bookkeeper who is looking to help their Client?

Maybe you’re struggling to do so, but know that just a little way forward there is still something that you can help with?

If nothing else, let’s have a one on one chat to see if there’s something that I can do to help your client get out of the difficulties they’re facing.

Times are tough, but they are about to become tougher due to the uncertain times ahead.

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