You Vs. Getting a CCJ?

Most individuals are stuck on this question.

They think it’s a simple task of going forward and obtaining a County Court Judgement and that they have reached the end of that road.

However, once you get the CCJ – then what? Do you think you have won? Or that you will get paid out by the Courts.

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as that, and once you have managed to secure a County Court Judgement, the next step will be looking at Enforcement.

Here is a question for you –

1. How much time/energy do you have?

2. How much are you willing to spend on getting the debt back?

3. What if it becomes disputed?

4. Would you be better off taking your good money and throwing it after bad?

Am I talking myself out of any job/client offers looking for help? Not at all, but in all of the time I have been doing this role, it wouldn’t make sense to issue proceedings when the bottom line is that you won’t get it back.

Just think about the best outcome for you, and if you need help and assistance in making that decision, then I’d be welcome to chat with you for half an hour.