Trapped by Business Cashflow worries

Turning negative cashflow
into positive cashflow

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Are your Business Cashflow worries trapping you from moving forward?

Ah...Well done - you have come to the right place - help is finally at hand.

Don't worry - I know your Cashflow Worries may be contributing to your stress levels in a big way.

Maybe you have faced or are facing one of the following:

  • No regular Cashflow into your business
  • Feeling overstretched
  • Suppliers (Creditors breathing down your neck
  • Those longstanding Clients (Debtors) who are taking forever to pay
  • Loan Applications getting rejected
  • Your Accountant is not really interested
  • Emotionally drained and feeling helpless as if no one can lend their hand in helping you get out of the Cashflow bottlenecks that you are experiencing.

For 12 years Ron was on the opposing side to the challenges that you along with many other business owners face on a day to day basis, piling on pressure leaving them trapped with no way out.

With a flip of a coin (pardon the pun), Ron's life changed and he was left in a compromised position, but credit to the skills he learnt he didn't take the most obvious way out.

It's by being on both sides of the fence means that Ron knows what it takes for struggling business owners to overcome their financial struggles that they face and today he has helped many overcome their fears and stresses of what they have faced to date, by being the protective hand in creating a shield around these struggles and turning them into positivity for all concerned.

The services that are offered by Ron are set out as follows:

  • Getting to the root cause of the problem
  • Having collected £33m internationally
  • Ron gets the job done when others refuse to
  • Commission based on results
  • 17 years experience of collecting outstanding Invoices across differing industries

Recent Examples

  • Successfully collected unpaid Rents for a Firm of Accountants
  • Unpaid Invoices from Business Savings Specialists in Procurement
  • Collection and tracing of individuals absconded to the Middle East
  • Helping Business Owners reduce their overall liabilities
  • Become the forefront of tackling the issues that they face regarding the liabilities so that they can get on with what they love to do
  • Have successfully reduced debt balances with suppliers by up to a third of what is owed.

Recent Examples

  • Have successfully assisted Businesses who operate in the Media, Retail and in Residential Cleaning reduce their overall debts to suppliersave successfully assisted Businesses who operate in the Media, Retail and in Residential Cleaning reduce their overall debts to suppliers
  • Recognise that reason why a lot of businesses fail is as result of not having correct agreements in place
  • Able to draft website terms, Business Contracts, Supplier Agreements et al, new product and service agreements for existing business owners


  • Drafted Business Agreements/Website Terms/NED’s for UK Distributor in the Fitness Industry; Launch of new Products and Services for unique businesses too as well as for Web Agencies; Sales Consultancies, and Business Coaches


  • Taking legal action may seem like the easy way out, but this is not the answer always
  • Participating in alternative methods including mediation is always important especially were high costs are concerned
  • Ron will steer you on costs and offer an altogether different medium to resolve any contractual tensions


  • Successfully defended a Client operating in the High End Furnishings sector to come away from paying a large Penalty Fee without any issue
  • Having worked with so many different businesses large and small over a 17 year period, Ron has the skills and expertise in helping businesses set up their own Credit Cycle System and/or find ways and means in strengthening this so that if there is ever a risk of falling into this again, then with the help and assistance of Ron he can maintain that for you.


  • Helped businesses within the Licensed Drinks, Media and Recruitment Industries achieve change and reduce DSO by putting in his processes

How Ron helps

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Stress v Guarantee of Feeling Free

Your big why as to the reason you set up business in the first place. Yes business is full of ups and downs, but we cannot do it alone without having a support network around you.

Rest assured this is what Ron does is help you through by creating a space to enable you to breathe easily again. Resolving tensions on your behalf and going through the nitty gritty and setting you up so that your Suplliers and Creditors are put at bay, as well as aligning those who owe you money to pay you on time.

Just twenty minutes of your time - it's FREE and no obligation

That's all it takes - spend a 20minute Call/Skype or meeting with Ron to see how he can help you take preventative action to resolving that big thing that is causing you a headache and or a nightmare and let him help you take that anxiety away from you.

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What they say about Ron

Don’t just hear it from us, here’s what Ron’s clients have said about him…

“Would I recommend Ron - wholeheartedly. He is totally dedicated to his work and saved our company time and money with his skilful and successful handling of our case. It was a pleasure talking to Ron; he is confident, knowledgeable and willing to explain to prevent misunderstandings. This was interspersed with a modicum of humour which ratified the working relationship."

Caroline Aylward, Operations Manager, Altfield Limited

“Ron is helping me and my company to recover accumulated past debts the company built up due to a combination of past bad financial advice and clients delaying payments. His very relaxed and easy personality makes the whole situation to feel much less stressful and easier to focus on solving. His advice is easy to understand and very personalised to my specific situation, and he has the ability to react quickly to my ever changing environment. Step by step we are solving the problem with great results. I can highly recommend his services.”

(we keep client details marked private and confidential due to the nature of services carried out for them)

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