3 Tips on Going For Gold In 2019

Remember when you thought to yourself  “that’s it – I am going to go for it”?

A bit like playing that 80’s Gameshow … Going for Gold.

… What made you give up your job in the first place?

… Or decide what to do with that inheritance / redundancy money / savings / funding?

… What was it that helped you decide it was time to set up your business?

Was it:

  • To make a Difference
  • To help those in Need
  • To set up a Community
  • Or were you just ‘Going for Gold’

One thing you should ask yourself right now is – ‘what are you doing to help out ‘you’ this year?’

Here are my 3 tips on ‘Going for Gold’ in 2019:

1) Chill out

Take a break.

By all means, work full time on your business, but make sure you’re not working all the hours.

Otherwise, you’ll soon tire yourself out, and as soon as you think you’re making traction, you’ll find yourself becoming destabilised.

Go away, take a breather, or just take a few days out of your business to gather your thoughts and recuperate.

Its good for you AND your business!

2) Make a Date with your Business Plan

It doesn’t matter how you do it, whether you have a proper Business Plan and/or a place where you have written your goals down – take it out and re-visit them.

Things always change.

You may have won a contract and/or a new sale which has changed the dynamic of your business.

You might have lost something.

That’s ok, too. As long as you have a clear, guided pathway in place.

3) Join a Mastermind Group or a Community

Get help and advice.

You may think you know your business and numbers, but you can’t know it all.

Last week I attended my first Mastermind group of the year. The focus was on setting clear goals for 2019 and working out a route to get there.

If you can anticipate any challenges now you can avoid disaster down the road.

Network and integrate yourself with likeminded people to get the best for you and your business, so that you are always ‘Going for Gold’.

If you’re feeling overstretched and worried about your cashflow in 2019 why not request a free call with me to discuss how I can help.