6 Steps For Dealing With Suppliers That Have Restructured

I previously worked for two companies that had gone through major restructures or name changes.

This meant:

  • a complete change in internal processes
  • a drive towards different elements
  • changes to internal bureaucracy

This lead to a more streamlined approach, getting things done quicker, and was sometimes necessarily brutally for survival.

… but it can come at the expense of upsetting their Customers.

During this process you may feel as though your Suppliers have been ignoring you.

If your supplier is a large one, you may feel that you have not been successful in getting your point across.

There are a number of reasons why this is happening.

  1. Changes to their terms and conditions
  2. Changes to their internal processes
  3. Changes in staff

Hasten not to move on just yet, because they do require your custom.

Even if they are asking for too much up front, each organisation has one or two key people in each department who would literally bend over backwards to ensure that your voice gets heard.

You just need to find them.

Take the 6 steps below to ensure your complaint is heard:

1. Be understanding

Seek to understand the departmental circumstances.

If you feel like you are not reaching common ground, ask to speak to the line manager.

2. Explain

State your reasons for not being able to pay your Suppliers.

Denying communication with them may result in a strained relationship.

3. Face – to – face

Think about speaking with your Account Manager and/or Sales Person that introduced you initially and see if there is a common ground in which you can ask for a face to face meeting.

4. Complain

If you still feel that you are not getting anywhere, go to the Supplier website to see if you can gain access to their complaints procedure or email to request this information.

5. Find a solution together

Request a face to face meeting and ensure that you have all the correct documents to hand to try and demonstrate your problem,

See if there is a solution that presents itself.

6. Seek out the CEO

Still feel as if you are not getting anywhere? Try and seek out the CEO

  • on Linkedin
  • on the company website
  • through its Board Members
  • and/or if they have a Shareholder agreement

Taking this kind of approach is likely to avoid a falling out between you and your Supplier.

… and, undoubtedly, stop you being chased by one of their outsourced legal partners, if they are a large conglomerate.

If you would like any other details, then please get in contact by requesting a call here.