Dealing With A Dispute Vs Taking Legal Action

In corporate departments, I have noticed that when a Salesperson makes a sale, they get their commission and move on. While working in Recoveries, only 10% of the Sales/Operations Teams I have worked with have kept tight information about their deals/candidates/loans.

So, when things go wrong, and the Salesperson is asked to provide information, you can imagine their frustration of looking to move past that, but it’s key to keep on top of that.

However, with GDPR with us, it’s ever necessary to keep on top of that information.

But what do you do as a small business owner? Do you deal with the dispute, or can you handle it through the Courts?

Well, you can leave it to the latter and try your chances, but if you don’t deal with the dispute when it comes through, chances are you will be spending time and energy on it that you would instead focus elsewhere. You can deal with it immediately by ensuring clear records of your deals/sales rather than leaving the courts to ride it out.

If you are getting stuck at the initial stage and want help before proceeding to see if you dotted the I’s and crossed your T’s, please feel free to get in touch so I can help dispel any of those issues.