Make Sure You Are Indemnified

Time and time again, I have come across contracts covered for some part of late payment, but nothing in the contracts ties them into indemnification if something goes wrong.

Indemnification covers many forms, such as IPR, GDPR, and payment.

An indemnity doctrine should be part and parcel of your contract as it protects the party drafting it and any services/goods it wants to sell. In the past ten years that I have been drafting service-level agreements and contracts for my clients, I have also pointed out that having this clause in there is important, as it acts as an insurance clause for you, forbidding anything from going drastically wrong.

The bottom line for you to consider is when was the last time you had a look at your contracts to see if you are covered and/or not. Having a strong set of terms and conditions will help you steadfast your business relationships going forward.

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