Silent Nights, Lonely Nights

Christmas Eve is later on this month and as we enter into the festive period, everyone everywhere will become half hearted in doing their jobs fully as one would like.


As a consequence this will start pegging at your quarterly Cashflow as we enter into a difficult period into December and out from January and February as liquid cash is less so, and credit terms are played out over and above normal terms as many businesses struggle to get through this difficult period of time.


Although businesses in itself should pay off Invoices that they receive in full, during this incoming period it may not be possible.


Maybe to ease the strain somewhat – how about offering a payment plan for a two month period.


This is imperative as it creates a partial win-win for both parties as it shows commitment in getting part of the balance paid. If there is a reluctance to get part of the offer on point, then you could request a breakdown from the other side as to why they are unable to pay.