Squabbling Over The Tide

The previous prime minister of the UK granted the citizens of the UK what they requested by giving them a vote of either staying into and/or out of Europe.


The result astonished many of us, as Theresa May clarified in Florence that over the next two years, the tax payers of the UK will furnish the black hole in the EU budget by clearing down the £20bn that is needed to enable the UK to come out.


But what will remain after the UK will come out and how there are uncertain times for the UK, as inflation is on the rise, as well as speculation that interest rates will start to rise so as to show that we as a nation are faring better.


What will happen to the UK economy from 2017 – 2019 remains to be seen and how it will pan out is another question.


You can’t plan for these things one may say, what will happen will happen, but failing to plan is planning to fail.


By having steady processes in place means that you can set up a framework to avoid leaving any part of your business open to misunderstandings from occurring if an event that may cause your business upset, for instance one of your own main clients goes bust leaving you with little or no choice to restructure your business needs.


So the question I have is what do you have in place to avoid your business from crippling further – be it from a Cashflow point of view and/or from a marketing point of view.