The Principle vs Cost Conundrum: Is Pursuing Debt Worth the Expense?

“It’s the principle, Ron” – well, yes – I agree with you – but at what cost.

After all, going through the court process can become a bitter experience.

The number of times I have heard this over the two decades would have increased my bank balance.

A few years ago, I was instructed by a chartered surveyor who was owed in excess of £10k. Long story short, he was acting for a large conglomerate of retail units that had left him high and dry by changing points of contact on an ongoing basis. A quick overview of the debtor’s accounts clarified that they were in trouble.

My chartered surveyor client wanted me to issue legal proceedings and effectively take them to the cleaners. Even if we agreed to issue legal proceedings or decided to go down the winding-up route, my client would have been worse off.

In my opinion, throwing good money after bad is not recommended if all you are doing is satisfying yourself as you want to punish them in some way. A professional debtor, who knows how to play the system, couldn’t care less, and in the end, the individual who would be worse off would be you.

For further information on whether or not you have a ledger of debts which are cost-effective for pursuit, then please do not hesitate to contact me. Not only do I help to assist from a pre-legal perspective, but I also issue proceedings through the courts on your behalf. I await your call.