Us v Technology

As one of the greatest toy stores of our generation files for protection against Chapter 11 bankruptcy, you can only begin to wonder is there anything we can do to protect ourself from it going all wrong.

The internet, and smart phones that have now embraced that technology is here to stay and like I’d envisioned in prior blogs with the onslaught of Uber taking on the world taxis, the simple fact of the matter is that if you don’t run with the times than you are going to get left behind, as “long as you play by the rules”.

If we track the evolution of smartphones for instance then you are fully aware that with the convenience of having an app stored on your phone, you just do not need to turn to anything else.

For instance taking photos for domestic clients is now more or less a thing off the past, with some using DSLR’s, whereas the commercial market and hobbyists make do with these whereas the majority are perfectly happy with the picture quality on our Smartphones.

Regretfully, unless we do not see others embrace the technology in front of us, then we will have no option but to give way to our competitors, such as Google, Amazon and others to lead the way and cut off those who no longer wish to itemise these technological advances.