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Terms and Conditions: Safeguarding Success

Small business owners often overlook the importance of terms and conditions, considering them unnecessary or only relevant to large corporations. However, the reality is quite the opposite. Terms and conditions are critical for every business, regardless of size, as they are a protective shield and a legal framework that fosters smooth transactions and customer satisfaction
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Why You Should Be Charging Late Fees

Managing a steady cashflow is never easy. With so many business attributes in abundance – it’s essential to have some sort of leverage to ensure your business gets paid. … and to deter would be non-payers. Here are 5 key reasons why the Late Payment of Commercial Debts and Interest Act 1998 (UK only) – ( The Act ) are crucial in getting your business debts paid. … and when and how you should use it. 1) Working Capital Many business owners think that generating Sales is enough to promote the overturn in your Balance Sheet credentials. However, by introducing
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Why Signing On The Dotted Line Could Cost You

B….t or B…….t As you can see one gap is bigger than the other….I let you fill in gaps 😊 Put quite simply, UK politics has never experienced a gap like last couple of months. There’s a tendency to leave things right up until the last month for individuals of any party to agree to the deal. When we do things under pressure, it’s human nature to start making mistakes, as we are fearful of time running out. Whilst the majority of us are fed up with what’s going on in Westminster, it’s evident that the issue that arose was
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