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Stop Selling Yourself Short By Discounting Your Rate

It happens to every entrepreneur, every business owner and service provider at one time or another. … it will probably happen more than once. … and it will keep on happening until you learn how to deal with it. What am I talking about? Picture this scenario. You’ve met with a potential client, you’ve had coffee/ lunch/ dinner. You’ve listened to their needs and you know that you can help them achieve their goals. You’ve got a tremendous track record, you’re awesome and they are loving everything that you share with them. What could possible go wrong? You offer a
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Why Dealing With Complaints Makes Financial Sense

Having been committed to various roles in ‘Recoveries’ for the last decade or so … The sceptic in me always does a rigorous check to see if all angles have been covered before legal action is even considered. Now, you might be thinking – “Yes, I’ve covered everything All my letters/calls have been ignored.” Are you absolutely, 100% sure? As a Recoveries Consultant, dealing with the plethora of cases, I can tell you that around 9 out of 10 cases eventually cause or lead to problems. Out of those 9, usually 3 of those reverberate around a complaint of some sort
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The Best Excuses Customers Give For Not Paying Their Invoice

Did you ever used to watch those old game shows? Wheel of Fortune Going for Gold Strike it Lucky You Bet Bullseye I started reminiscing about these shows recently. Sometimes it feels like our customers are taking inspiration from those TV shows and playing games with us. Some people are great payers … … others, less so. Eventually they do all pay but not before they’ve given us the run around. What kind of excuses do your Customers give for not paying their invoice on time? Here’s a list of the usual games and excuses I’ve experienced (maybe you’ll recognise
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