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8 Tips For Small Business Owners With Late Paying Customers

Some Small Business Owners I’ve known unfortunately shoot themselves in the foot by issuing out maximum credit terms. I understand, it may be one of your biggest Customers – and you need to keep them happy … … but if you offer them terms, they are unlikely to pay within the normal 30 day term period. Are you doing enough to avoid these pitfalls? If you’re just starting out in business or you need a better framework to govern your bad or late paying customers, here are 8 tips for you: Deposits If at all possible, get your Customers to
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The Best Excuses Customers Give For Not Paying Their Invoice

Did you ever used to watch those old game shows? Wheel of Fortune Going for Gold Strike it Lucky You Bet Bullseye I started reminiscing about these shows recently. Sometimes it feels like our customers are taking inspiration from those TV shows and playing games with us. Some people are great payers … … others, less so. Eventually they do all pay but not before they’ve given us the run around. What kind of excuses do your Customers give for not paying their invoice on time? Here’s a list of the usual games and excuses I’ve experienced (maybe you’ll recognise
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