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3 Tips on Going For Gold In 2019

Remember when you thought to yourself  “that’s it – I am going to go for it”? A bit like playing that 80’s Gameshow … Going for Gold. … What made you give up your job in the first place? … Or decide what to do with that inheritance / redundancy money / savings / funding? … What was it that helped you decide it was time to set up your business? Was it: To make a Difference To help those in Need To set up a Community Or were you just ‘Going for Gold’ One thing you should ask yourself
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The Best Excuses Customers Give For Not Paying Their Invoice

Did you ever used to watch those old game shows? Wheel of Fortune Going for Gold Strike it Lucky You Bet Bullseye I started reminiscing about these shows recently. Sometimes it feels like our customers are taking inspiration from those TV shows and playing games with us. Some people are great payers … … others, less so. Eventually they do all pay but not before they’ve given us the run around. What kind of excuses do your Customers give for not paying their invoice on time? Here’s a list of the usual games and excuses I’ve experienced (maybe you’ll recognise
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4 Ways To Get Your Creditors To Help With Cashflow Issues

Are cashflow issues and trouble communicating with your creditors causing you: Stress Worry Pains in your heart Headaches … Your phone keeps on going off. … The letters are flying through the door. … Threats of legal action. … Tax bills.   You haven’t got space to breathe.   “This will effect your credit history” is going through your mind all day. ………You’re feeling consumed………   Believe it or not, I know what you’re going through. I’ve been through a lot of it myself. (But that’s a story for another day.)   Creditors sometimes come up with erroneous payment plans,
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